Oh no! Not another cricket blog!

You know that the newly converted are the worst. I only started to follow the cricket in summer 2009 during the Ashes, when Australia were eventually losing The Urn to England. This was such an upsetting and nervewrecking experience that it turned me into a full-blown tragic right away. Since then I had been itching to be a part of the wonderful cricket blogosphere, but it took until the end of January 2010 until I dared to start my own blog.

A big thanks goes to Sid, Purna and Maddy, who showed me that there's no reason to be afraid of big animals. Check their blogs out and see :)

About the cricket:

My home country Germany is not exactly the No. 1 ranked Test nation in the world; the higher I rate their efforts and success on a level of cricket where even the 50-over format is still thrilling from the first to the last minute, where teams comprising the most talented, skilled and dedicated amateur players of the country give their all just for the pride and glory. Go the Germs!

So whenever you post a comment on this blog, keep the following two things in mind:

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Masuud said...

Ashes of 09'? I might faint if this comes as true! You can't be following this most beautiful game in the planet since mid 09' only! Please, no! Say, no!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Sorry to disappoint you but it's not exactly our national sport, to put it mildly... I would still not know anything about it except for its name hadn't I been asked to give it a try via unofficial internet stream ;)

Masuud said...

Hahahah, fair enough. Explains a lot then for different aspects of the game/players/opinions we've discussed and will discuss. Love the dedication though :D

Wraye said...

Hi Wes, lovely blog! Please contact us and join us and the other regions too...

Best wishes,
Wraye Wenigmann
NRW Secretary & German national scorer

asif said...

Hi Wes, your blogs make for pleasant reading and they're all enthralling with a climax touch them. Its the enthusiasm of people like you who follow cricket in Germany which keeps us hungry to strive for higher goals.
Keep up the good work.

Asif Khan(on behalf of the seniors national team)

Anonymous said...

check out Munichcricket.net

and follows us on twitter!! @munichcc

we shall follow you.

thanks and great job

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dude, it's blatantly obvious you are a Pakistani posing as a white female :)