3 May 2013

Podcast: German Batsman André Leslie

André Leslie takes the final catch, Germany v Kuwait,
World Cricket League Division 7, Botswana 2011

Here's a very serious cricket podcast tip for you!

Something that would have gone completely unnoticed even to me, had I not coincidentally subscribed to that pod a while ago.

The German batsman and representative of the German team on Twitter, André Leslie, has made an appearance on the Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast. André analyses Germany's performance at the World Cricket League Div. 7 and discusses some of our opponents. He also talks about our chances at the European Division 1 T20 tournament in Sussex in July, and presents some ideas on how to improve club cricket in Germany and reach the German public through the media. He's a great storyteller and particularly his experiences as a cricket TV commentator made me laugh out loud.

The pod is hosted by Russel Degnan (Idle Summers blog) and apart from the interview with André and some more Associate talk with Andrew Nixon in this episode, it features vital content for every follower of the smaller teams, for example Peter Della Penna talking the Americas, representatives of Irish cricket giving in-depth views, the Asian and Pacific regions getting covered in detail, and so on.

Unfortunately the website doesn't give any hints at the show's iTunes existence, so please just open your iTunes and look for Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast to subscribe, and make sure you also download all the previous episodes, there is plenty to discover.

Did you for instance know that Israelis are not allowed to enter Kuwait, so, had Israel got promoted to the World Cricket League Division 8 in 2010 (via the European 50-over league), they would not have been able to take part in the tournament?

So make sure you don't miss out on this one!

Go the Germs!