31 March 2013

Support The Germs At The World Cricket League!

Hi friends,

in a few days the German cricket team will depart to Botswana, where this year's edition of the ICC World Cricket League Div. 7 takes place.

Since the ICC has scrapped the WCL Divisions 7 and 8, Germany must achieve promotion to Div. 6 and manage to stay there, otherwise we will disappear from the global cricket landscape.

So please keep your fingers and toes crossed and support the German cricket team. You can send your messages of support to @Cricket_Germany on Twitter or Deutscher Cricket Bund on Facebook. 

Make sure you also follow the tweets of our national player André Leslie (@andreleslie), who wants to update us about the proceedings in Botswana. You will also find tweets under the hashtag #gothegerms, our inofficial slogan and battle cry ;)

Preparation has been a little difficult because the event takes place so early in the season and winter is still holding Germany in tight grip with frost and snow. On the other hand many of our players are experienced in the Botswana conditions and we are also familiar with some of our opponents. So a very thrilling tournament should lie ahead of us.

Vanuatu skipper Andrew Mansale (left) still has a bone to pick with us :D

The squad looks as follows: 

Asif Khan (capt.), Javed Iqbal, Farooq Ahmed, Milan Fernando, Ehsan Latif, Andre Leslie, Shakeel Hassan, Dilshan Rajudeen, Asad Mohammad, Bilal Jafar, Sohel Mia, Wasantha De Silva, Ajitabh Malviya, Imran Chaudhry

The fixtures (source: Cricinfo):

If you want to know more, i.e. everything, about German cricket, check out my giant super epic mega monster interview with Brian Mantle, the General manager of Cricket Germany. 

Thanks and vielen Dank for your support!

Go the Germs!!


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Rauf Arshad - Cricket Fan said...

its superb and major step ICC took to revled cricket in all over the world we want to see more teams into the cricket series