18 July 2012

Germans Have Last Laugh Versus Denmark

The German cricket team has returned from a demanding week-long trip to Husum, where they underwent a rigid training programme and played two 50-over matches against the Danish hosts.

Germany unfortunately got hammered in the first match, but bounced back with a 90-run win over the Olsen-banden in the re-match.

According to different sources another supernewb, 18-year old Rohit Singh, gave his debut in the second match and immediately racked up the second highest score, however, his name does not appear in the scorecard, but the cards seem to be not quite accurate in a few concerns.

So I would rather trust German player and journalist André Leslie's detailed report of the training activities and the matches on the ICC website. Bleep test baby!

Match reports (in Danish) as well as the scorecards can be found on the official page of the Danish Cricket Union. Don't get confused by the photos, both Germany and Denmark are currently wearing these berry-coloured kits. The Germans however have black trousers on, which should make it easy to identify them.

Reports: match 1 | match 2
Scorecards: match 1 | match 2

Hopefully the report by Cricket Germany will be up soon, in the meanwhile I'm impatiently waiting for more info particularly about the new and new-ish players.

Ajitabh Malviya catches Mads Nyeng off the bowling of Asad Khan, Denmark v Germany 16 July 2012.
(Dansk Cricket-Forbund)

The bowling line-up makes me quite fidgety, even though I am still nostalgically missing the name of Ehsan Latif, and hope that Farid Shah returns to the fold soon. Bilal Jafar has already bowled his way to the top of my personal player ranking. Hope he'll be available for all the matches in the next years. Asad Khan from Köln (Cologne) impressed in the second match as well.

Special kudos need to go to keeper Ajitabh Malviya from Berlin, who put the gloves on for the second clash. Four catches and three runouts, I call this a cracker match for the new stumper.


You can follow Cricket Germany (Deutscher Cricket Bund) and the Danish Cricket Union (Dansk Cricket-Forbund) to keep yourselves updated via Zuckerbook.