14 September 2012

Champions League T20: IPHell v ROI (Rout Of Imps)

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Hurrah! The Champions League squads are out!!! So here's a list (yes) of my favoured teams.

As usual, I had no clue, but *trumpets and fanfares*: 

Mumbai Indians do actually have a pretty supportable squad, in fact it is absolute KVLT, from Karthik to Mitch to Pollard to Ojha to Nohit! Were it not for the black Harbh of the family...

Will furthermore support Hampshire of course ♥, and BTW they've picked Hamza → mother of OMGs. He can play limited overs... perhaps this stage is a bit too big for him, but you never know, he throve in the Windies, too! Don't wanna heap too much pressure on Afridi and Glenn Maxwell prior to the tournament, so I will just leave them unmentioned ;)

Yorkshire when Adil Rashid is playing; that great stint with the Redbacks has kinda turned me into his puppy I guess, hope he's found his mojo back!

Chennai Superkings: Yo Mahesh, Hilf. He who is against them is against world peace. 

Delhi Daredevils: Unmukt, Umesh, Ross!!! A trinity, as holy as it gets. Plus the club's acronym is that of my home town. Very close to becoming my personal No. 3, and depending on who flies home after the group stage they might (might, might) perhaps (haps, haps) rise to No. 2 in my ranking. But that's discussing unlaid eggs, as we say.  

Highveld Lions: Supporting them traditionally, and because of Neil McKenzie.

Sydney Sixers of course, SOK always, plus some bonuses like Pat Cummins and stuff. 

Auckland Aces: Guptill, Hira, Mills! And because they are fuzzy wobblepotatoes with beaks.

Titans: Alfonso the legend, this time turning out for the Saffers, plus Heino Kuhn.

Sialkot Stallions: Archetypal gang of villains. Their most supportable players are those I've never heard of, the rest ranges from badmaash to harami, wouldn't be surprised to see the Joker himself in their lineup!

So that doesn't leave a lot of teams I don't care about. I have to admit that the CL has been my favourite club tournament right from the year it started. Enough of IPL in it to get a glimpse into that direction from a safe distance, enhanced by some of the most adorable domestic T20 sides from around the globe. Unfortunately due to the current makeup the final outcome seems not to really matter any more, and the  non-IPL teams will have to battle hard to make sure that, if not the trophy, at least a mentionable amount of the prize money leaves Indian territory, but a fair few of the individual matches should still be fun to watch.



Subu said...

So you're supporting all teams who're favorites..:P think the Sixers will win...

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Haha! Gotta make sure I'm happy at the end :P

If the Sixers win it will be a bit schizo considering NSW won the first edition...

Back in my day when the CL was still epic as food... and Pollard still played for TT and gave Moises the trauma of his life and Brett Lee saved the Blues with his runs...

When I am old and demented I will still be talking about this, day and night, like a perpetuum mobile.

Anonymous said...

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livescore said...

Good post I agree with you on all the points except one at the end of your post you have mentioned about Sialkot Stallions and you have been very rude.Ethically you should not use such language because it denies your own blog's name you are taking it personally my friend and BTW I think these badmaashs will wind Champions League.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

livescore, thanks for your visit and comment, I will consider your advice ^^

Anonymous said...

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