11 March 2012

Asia Cup - Who To Support?

The Asia Cup has just started and with the teams of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh taking part it really makes things difficult for a Non-Asian to pick a favoured team. Don't get me wrong, though. I absolutely disagree with the opinion voiced by Geoffrey Boycott, who said that nobody cared about the event. Boycott obviously feels free to generalise his own views on the competition. But under the current circumstances - India's weakness, from which only surprises can spring, Sri Lanka's recent strength, Pakistan's whatever, and Bangladesh, who might just try to jump into the gaps and make hay as long as the sun is shining - the situation within Asia is delicately poised. Too bad that Afghanistan are not allowed to participate, they would have spiced things up further.

So when I asked myself the question who to root for, "Pakistaaaaaan!" was my cheerful instinctive reaction. But a closer look reveals that they have dropped Azhar Ali for a guy who stores his fruit preserves in a wooden cabin outside the house, and coincidentally this replacement made a half century in the first match, which drastically minimises Azhar's chances of returning to the side any time soon. Also, does Pakistan really need another series of Shahid Afridi ducks, enriched by a booming century, to add further complication to the question where he should bat? ^_^

Sri Lanka. Ah you Lankans. Finalists of the World Cup and the recently concluded CB series, in both of which they failed to take the last hurdle and defeat the respective hosts. Third time lucky?

Bangladesh... I only just realised that Mushfiqur Rahim is captaining the side, shame on me. Big is the rock under which Wes lives. Go Mushi!!! Attack leader Mashrafe Mortaza and valuable asset / sunnyboy / genius / world's best allrounder of the hearts Shakib al Hasan make me tilt towards the team from the wetlands.

India. India are currently riding the wave of worldwide sympathy, mine, too. But the squad they selected for the tournament doesn't interest me at all (R Ashwin being the exception that proves the rule). Sorry guys. The attentive reader will now be wondering if Praveen Kumar got dropped, at least temporarily, from my bandwagon list? Yup. Stump incident.

So... who to support? Hell, I don't know! In case of doubt...

Go Paks :P

(c) Play For Country Not For Self



Mudassar said...

Pakistan is a hard team to support they will get you without warnning any time with shock or surprise but winning Aisa cup doesn't look likely for them, sunday the 18th encounter will be more exciting than the final i think.

Sri Lanka should win this with their current form from CB series but India in sub-cont. conditions is not an easy pill to swallow.


Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Now we're talking Wes :D
Good luck to three of us (You, me, and Team Pakistan) :P

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Hey Maddy and Zbhai ^^ Great to see you around. Yeah the T20 qualifiers are stealing a large portion of my attention right now, since it is important that I manage to will my favourite teams into the World Cup, but I hope Pak can reclaim some authority also within Asia. Thanks for sticking your noses in, hope to see you soon again!


tracerbullet007 said...

"In the end, cricket is the winner"
Sorry, I am still recovering from a bout of 'Shastri'....

Alex said...

Great stuff by Bangladesh to make it so far in the tournament, pity they missed out on the win. India need to do something drastic to reverse their slide into mediocrity, since the World Cup win they have not achieved a single thing of note.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Hello Alex, thanks for your comment. India are in the midst of a change of generations, I think they need a bit of time to consolidate. Young talent is coming through. Dravid made way already. Others need to prove their dignity, too.

@tracerbullet, cricket was indeed the winner ;)