31 October 2010

That's what you get for....

... not picking Rusty. Bowling Albie at the death I mean wtf

Pakistan v South Africa ODI 2

Well-deserved defeat. Feel sorry for Colin Ingram, he's one bloody cool kiddie batter, would so have deserved to take the MOTM for his fabulous ton. Inga you rule! Feel also sorry for my heapsishly admired cricket pastor Johan Botha. But he's blundered a couple of decisions today. Fatsmith and Rusty have to return asap, and things will be back on track. Fatsmith is essential at the top. And Rusty at the bottom.

And now excuse me as I am busy kissing the dirt under Abdul Razzaq's feet. Hampshire! Hampshire! Today we have seen why and how he wins tournaments. Combine the calmness of Eoin Morgan, the hitting power of Cameron White, the vocal talent of Pavarotti and the wisdom of an 80-year-old tortoise, that's Abdul Razzaq.

Wes ;)

26 October 2010

The First Ever Huggability Ranking Of The National Teams

What is a huggability ranking?
The idea to categorise people as either huggable or unhuggable was shamelessly nicked from half-tracker. It is a very helpful way to turn diffuse gut feelings into a precisely measurable matter and thereby reach clarity about one's preferences. I have refined the method and created a scale that spans from 1.0 (entirely huggable) to 0.1 (huggables can only be spotted by the use of a magnifier).

New Zealand: 1.0
Oh my god. New Zealand are like a tiny wide-eyed kitten that is being clasped by a cruel bony cold human hand and held under the water tap. Unfortunately you can't be more than 100% huggable, otherwise the Kiwis' huggability factor would reach approx. 74,879,982,450.99.

Germany: 1.0
The German team consists of guys that look like your average Asian workmate or fellow student; curry guts and balding heads reveal the life-long amateur cricketer, who just plays for the love of the game. The only blond guy in the side smiles 24/7, I'm afraid, though, he doesn't bowl like Brett Lee. Go the Germs!

Gibraltar: 1.0
They tore my heart out. I hope they are doing well, in whichever black realm of darkness they may be now...

Zimbabwe: 0.9
The 10% that are still missing are reserved for the return of Sean Ervine. Zimbabwe could be compared to NZ, but they differ in terms of hopelessness. They beat India in two consecutive ODIs, so one could say they are a tiny wet kitten wrapped in a towel. A *very* tiny kitten (Ian Nicolson).

Australia: 0.8
Apart from Punter there are hardly any entirely unhuggable players in the Australian team, but their huggability factor on average hasn't been rocketing through the ceiling. However, the massive recent inclusion of domestic players, multiple appearances of Steven Smith, Clint McKay's dyslexia and the return of Ben Hilfenhaus are helping Australia to a noticeably hug-inducing score.

South Africa: 0.7 - 0.9
Here it definitely depends on the format. The Test side includes Jacques Kallis, and in all likeliness will not feature Rusty Theron and Johan Botha, hence I can't give more than 0.7, especially as I also can't see a soonish return of Friedel de Wet. Remember? Friedel? Anyone? The One Day sides on the other hand have Rusty, so if they manage to kick Poominy out and keep playing Tsobie instead of Langefat they will get close to 100%. They also have the Shaun Pollock advantage.

Israel: 0.5
To be honest I hardly know anything about the Israeli players, but the two guys I follow are so massively cool that Israel reach 50% right off the bat (hehe pun). Apart from that they were the only non-Guernsey team in the Euro Div 2 who managed to charm us into defeat. Must be something about them I reckon. Generally I have the feeling there is something boiling underneath the surface, can't quite put my finger on it, but the ravens in the sky are croaking of the coming age of Israeli cricket. BTW. There will be legspin. Just saying.

Bangladesh 0.5
Drubbing NZ has cost them 0.2 points at least. Bad Deshis! Bad! However, Mushi's screeches are music in my ears, and you just gotta love their genuine excitement and happiness about each little step forward. Also, Rubel is a bowler.

Pakistan: 0.4
And those 40% are only just scraped together by a bit of Zulqarnain, Abdul Razzaq, MoYo's smile and recent fielding heroics, and the hope to see more of Azhar Ali. Perhaps also a pinch of Younis. But they have really done everything to massively choke my enthusiasm in the past months. All the other guys I liked, such as Mo Aamer, Ukmal, Salman, Danish and Kakmal, have turned out fishy in different ways, or have disappeared into the void like Mo Sami and Abdur Rauf, and Funky Fawad doesn't really fit in the huggable category; there is however always a door open for the return of Mo Asif.

England: 0.3
Not sure what they are doing in this list, but yeah a teeth-grinding 0.3 for the Poms. They mainly owe this score to their One Day side; Kieswetter and Yardy weigh in heavily, and Monty was the trigger for me to reconsider some basic things in life. Generally I also got used to Strauss. And then there's the all-purpose-huggybear Paul Collingwood.

India: 0.2
India have Ishant Sharma and Dhoni's Dumbo ears. Furthermore the tender blossoming of Ojha could pose a way for me to find some approach to them. But of course they will always remain the enemy.

All other teams: 0.0 (no huggability detected)
For the following reasons: they have either not been studied by me extensively enough to rate their huggability (Sri Lanka, Finland, Nepal...), don't mean a lot to me (Windies, France...) or are cool but not huggable (Ireland).

Hope that helps,

23 October 2010

Play It Again, Zim

Really. That match needs to be repeated :/

South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI 3

The Saffa innings was about the longest 50 overs I have ever had to go through. Haven't counted the centuries this time, must have been approx. 28, even the tailenders made two each.... wait a minute. The tailenders were sitting on the balcony taking care of their tan. The target of 400 to win suggests that a Test match was being played, with a batting side Australia can only dream of, and some pretty uninspired Zimbabwean bowlers.

Shingirai Masakadza's slower ball
Well honestly I have no clue how the Saffas managed to pile up 399, it felt surreal. After Graeme Smith's and, unexpectedly, Hashim Amla's early departure they mercilessly exploited the inexperience of poor Ian Nicolson, who will need professional help now; the niceness of Graeme Cremer and the leakiness of Shingirai Masakadza. Shingi took two wickets, though, with some clever tricks, the pic on the right shows his slower ball, which lies in the air with near perfect seam position. Interestingly Hamilton Masakadza also got a wicket in collaboration with his little bro and took the crown as the most economic Zimbowler, with one over at 4.00 tehe. Well in all this chaos Prosper Utseya stood firm again and tried to hold the bowling together, but of course he can't bowl 30 overs.

The Zimbi batsmen then subsequently folded under the pressure of the huge target and got rolled by the South African attackers. Occasional outbursts of aggression got immediately punished with wickets. Rusty Theron was absolutely outstanding again, with two catches, one of which was a snorter at the boundary, and three wickets at 3.00. Uh. I think nobody doubts his permanent inclusion in the ODI side anymore, it will be funny to see how he fares against Pakistan in a few days. Johan Botha removed two in his opening over, and so forth and so forth... Zim were all out after 29 overs, they basically got run over by a truck. Hmmm.

What irked me as well was that "Craig Ervine" is obviously more difficult to memorise than Uda Walawwe Mahim Bandaralage Chanaka Asanga Welegedara. From "Sean Ervine" to "Craig Evans" to "Craig Irvine" every variation you could think of was on offer. Furthermore, Grant Flower had been dropped after just two matches, with hindsight one has to realise that the decision to bring Ian Nicolson in instead was a schnapps idea, as we say over here.

Let's quickly put the cloak of silence over the Zimbo mess and look at the whole story in funny Biffpics, starting with the Boofmeister getting stumped off a Utseya beauty:

Ah well. Despite all this hurt I still enjoyed watching the Zims a lot, it only happens every 300 years that you get to see them play and we must be thankful for every opportunity, especially as the number of possible appearances by Associate teams will be reduced by the ICC; you can read a very interesting and also maddening blog about it here. We have witnessed a lot of talent and the birth of the ginger Venus, what else could you want. And yeah Johan Botha is cool. Now we are looking forward to the clash between Pakistan and South Africa in the UAE... I bet the top of the back of my legs that these two opponents will entertain us royally. That's all for today, thanks for reading, don't forget to visit Zimcricketnews.com and follow @zimcricketnews on twitter.


17 October 2010

Day One Of The Ginger World Domination

South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI 2 Click here for the post on ODI 1

Yeah blabla Hash made a ton (Hash do you know that you are slowly turning into the second most boring cricketer after Sachin hehe) and AB De Villiers, too, and all my favourite Zimbos got clobbered (more on that later)... But. We have witnessed the official birth of the Venus of South African pace bowling. Yeah the informed minority had long been anticipating his rise in total readiness, but today even the last ignorant fools couldn't escape the sweet sounds of the εύαγγέλιoν anymore: Rusty Theron is conquering the world. I remember the first time I watched him play, an IPL highlights video on Youtube, and I saw his smooth, bendy, almost rubbery action, the deadly darts from his hands and his happy, friendly nature, all the positive emotions he wears on the outside, and I thought yes. Fuck. Yes.

Well admittedly it only took like half a year or so until he got the national call but for someone who was dying to watch him play live it felt like a painful eternity. But all the campaigning paid off, the rocky path was walked successfully, the ignorance has been overcome. In the end everything went really quickly: he displayed his power and might in the CLT20 for the Warriors, subsequently marched into the national T20 side again, where he was asked to take the ball in hand this time, earned his ODI cap as a consequence, and now he has taken eight wickets in two matches including his maiden ODI 5-wicket-haul. It seriously runs down my tortured soul like oil. Strangely, there is nothing curious or especially remarkable about this enthralling revelation; if common sense prevailed in the selectoral circles cricket would be reigned by redheads. However, his international debut is a first step into the right direction.

Hmmm. Alright. Yes Tatenda Taibu played a very good innings. But now I am digging inside my brain to find more Zimbonian positives that could match the Saffa ones, alas, I fail. Alexander The Great walked through the corridor of terrors, his wicket completed Rusty's 5-er, and Elton was cruel enough to belt him into the barrage to provide the last drops of blood Hash still needed for his ton. Brendan Taylor was likewise sent on to complete AB De Villiers' century, and I wished Elton would have shown some spine and done at least one of these jobs himself. Mpofu had been dropped for Keith Dabengwa, who tried his best with bat and ball and didn't look too bad doing so, and Hamilton Masakadza had been mysteriously dropped as well; in came the long awaited Craig Ervine, who could unfortunately not make a greater impact. The Saffas rested Botes (grrrr) and Albie, and brought Robin Peterson and Tsobie in instead... not that it played a bigger role.

Well that was largely sobering. To be honest I am not sure if the Zims can save their faces on Friday but you never know, dead rubbers unfold a strange nature sometimes. Oh yes and the Booflinger managed to reply to all three questions he got asked in the post match presentation with "Yeah look...". 
*grabs head*


Zim, Zim, Zim Your Biff

South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI I

Click here for a gallery of 154 screenshots at photobucket, including wagonwheels, beehives and whatnot, some are good, so please appreciate this effort, editing them nearly killed me, the order is chronological, please hover the filenames below the thumbnails for the captions.

Yeah well. Let's start with Zimb Land:

Johan Botha attempts at returncatching Grant Flower, a promising dugout, Brendan Taylor on 100*, Taylor shot selection

Gotta love Brendan Taylor. He and LRPL, the Kiwi Taylor, are the guys that keep the boat afloat when the rest of the crew is going overboard. It just occurred to me. Taylor batters are good. Both belong to my favourite batsmen, and there ain't many of that sort! The Zimb one made 145 off 139 in a match that was lost after half of the second innings. He was out there from the first to the last minute, witnessed the deaths of his partners and tried to steer the ship home. Alas, he was the only one capable of withstanding the might of the Saffa bowlers. Considering that Hamilton Masakadza's 30 were the second highest score by a Zim batter in the innings you will guess that the inclusion of Grant Flower did not yield the desired results at all. The commentary murmured that Flower hesitated to go to South Africa. He obviously knew that a 39-year old scoring well in county cricket might feel a different wind blowing into his face against a first string Saffa line-up after several years out of international cricket. Thank god Craig Ervine, who I had actually suspected to be with the Zim 2nds, was spotted in the dugout, let's see what happens now. However, Grant might explode just in the next match.

Tatenda Taibu, Graeme Cremer aka Alexander The Great, Shingirai Masakadza, Brendan Taylor watches Williams dropping Ingram

I must admit there was near total darkness at the bowling front. Of course Graeme Cremer was cremy to no end, he and Prosper Utseya (a real champ!) pulled the innings back, until Cremy got smacked a little, but the merits were cashed in by Shingirai Masakadza, who took all four wickets, unfortunately at an economy of over 8 but we shall not complain. I'm afraid that Chris Mpofu is a serious concern, he didn't look very good in the matches so far and lacks the penetration to remove rocks like Hash or Boofsmith; it's an absolute shame because he's cool. Shingi imho has a bit of a Mitch about him, not really on target but he seems to get them somehow. Grant Flower bowled some rather tidy overs as well. Not sure what to make of Sean Williams, he looked very insecure in pretty much all departments including the fielding. It was nice to see Elton have a trundle, but he couldn't effect much. However, the Chigumbura bandwagon is rolling steadily.


Centurion Hashim Amla collects a hug, AB DeVilliers gets run out, Colin Ingram reaches his century, David Miller wagonwheel

Hashim Amla is one brutal batsman. Sounds totally wrong, everybody knows him as a gentle and brainy guy but he's like the butterfly whose wing beat makes the storm break loose, a gentle flick of the wrist can send the bowler to his maker, and this time it was no different: 110 for the Saffa great before he could be removed. Debutant Colin Ingram seamlessly continued the job and scored 124, a mightily impressed audience clapped him off the field when he fell, while I was burying my face in my hands in unbelief. He goes in the sunshine category, so I wish him good luck and plenty more runs during his hopefully long-lasting Saffa career. The SA innings was eventually rounded off by a half ton from another youngster, David Miller. Heaps of talent is growing in South Africa and it's no wonder that the vast majority of these guys need to seek their fortune abroad. Oh yeah and the Biffboof was back at the helm, mooheaded as ever, laughing, directing, picking his nose and doing silly things with his tongue. Graeme Smith if you read this: Stumpy thumbs up! And yeah Langeveldt is a lot fatter than him.

Graeme Smith picking his nose, Rusty Theron happy, Johan Botha advises the field to prevent the single, Graeme Smith silly

Well what shall I say about the bowling. Charl Langeveldt is stupid, please drop him, I want to see someone else if possible. Rusty Theron swept me off the socks but perhaps I just have to get used to him bowling 10 overs. Modest as he is he was a bit disappointed in himself but he took three important wickets and an awesome catch. No wuckers Rusty! All is good. I had a theory about him perhaps having to get adjusted to ODI death bowling, when the opposition takes the batting powerplay, but checking the progress of the match that is complete BS. Anyway, Rusty rules and strangely pretty much everybody would agree with me here :D

Albie Morkel is a sharp sword. I remember him getting completely murdered in the Caribbean, but on home wickets he mutates into a beast, as we could also see in the CLT20. Unfortunately I have no clue about his bowling in general, but he must have been useful in the IPL as well I guess. Wayne Parnell was wearing atrocious sunnies. Johan Botha... ahhh damn me, I like this guy a lot. There are heaps of doubters out there who classify him as hmmm yeah quite ok of sorts. But weirdly whenever I see him he rules like a ruler. Go Botes!

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Tomorrow. Big bad day.


10 October 2010

Qietly zimpering into my pillow

South Africa v Zimbabwe T20 2


Hover the image for the captions
So close, so agonisingly close. I need a new body after this match because mine is chewed up, has fallen to pieces, has crumbled to crumbs. And morsels. Would you ever have thought that they get even close to 195. And yet they did. And then fell 8 short. Being on top of the Saffas' wickets and runrate for a large part of the innings and in the end not being able to complete the rape. Ah fuck that really.

I will not re-post an adjusted version of the checklist, but one of the bullets has to be mentioned again. Brendan Taylor ruled everything into the ground. Elton had a hard time picking the right bowlers, out of his sheer misery he opened with the spinners and it wasn't the worst move really. In fact it worked quite well; getting Bosman, who due to his nature might have a weakness against unexpected spin, and newbie Ingram via the Prospering Utseya was fun to watch. But you can't impress the Moosmith with such cheap tricks. You need the sacrosanct Taylor/Cremer combination to remove His Voluminous Boofheadedness from the turf. The job looked half done but there was still someone hanging around who thought it could be a great idea to race straight to the top of my smack list, yes I am looking at you JP Poominy!

Let's talk about the positive things. Justice Chibhaba for instance. Played the second great innings in a row, murdered Duminy, and I would really like to see him in the FPT20 next season. Same goes for Hamilton Masakadza, a bit unlucky today but he is awesome. Brendan Taylor had one of these days. Bowled at 4.00, returned from his safari with the Biffhead in hand and batted his arse off. I also like Chris Mpofu, yeah he got hammered but so what, he's cool.

Alexander The Great finished on 2 not out, it will certainly lift his average in the format. No he didn't bowl. I can't remember seeing him with the ball in hand. If he had he would certainly have taken Duminy out on 10, if not earlier. No? Hnnnnggggggg. Okay the truth is when he came on I slumped down in front of the monitor in fetal position and from that moment on I don't remember much. However, he rules, I think that goes without saying. They must stick with him. He really got a couple of nice balls in and should have taken one, if not two of the Saffa wickets.

Rusty was a lean mean vindaloo machine today. I hope so much they will keep him in the team once Steyner and Morkel return. He adds so much to the side: loveliness, fabulousness, gingerheadedness, positivity, dangerousness, precision, clatteritis. Today we got to see the entire package: devilish bowling, good catching, thunderous throwing. The Saffas would be fools to kick him out of the side again. Says Wes who is happy to *finally* be able to see him play.

One last thing, the Faithwear kit worn by Zim is just gorgeous, I do especially like the cut and the decent accents, and the elegant white lettering of a popular soft drink manufacturer blends in so decoratively. I hope Reebok won't stuff it up.

Perhaps Zimbabwe can sneak the odd victory in the ODI series, Grant Flower is back with the flock, and ah well, I am just happy to watch them play whatever happens. Go the Zims!

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8 October 2010

not so awezim :(

South Africa v Zimbabwe T20 1


Ah well

Boofsmith I hail thee!  (c) Graeme Smith
+  I had a good stream
+  With no ads
+  Cremer played
+  Cremer took a wicket
+  Cremer took a big fat wicket
— Cremer batted
— Elton bowled
— Elton took a wicket
+  Zim didn't embarrass themselves with the bat
+  Coventry was useful
+  Mpofu has had an encounter with a hairdresser since the WT20
— Taylor ruled everything into the ground
— Rainsford ruled everything into the ground
+  Boofsmith played well despite it being a T20
+  Rusty played
+  Rusty took a wicket
+  Rusty didn't wear an atrocious eye-cancer inducing neon green shit kit
— Duminy-free area
+  Botha was nice
— Zimbabwe won
= 65% out of a possible 100% awesomeness
= match was ok, could have been A LOT better.


5 October 2010

Not what the doctor had ordered for Oz

Hilfy massively facepalming  (c) Getty Images
The loss of the Test is not what is gutting me, both teams have shown their best in the departments in which they were successful, and the Australian attack sparkled a lot more than I had expected. But what worries me so much is the batting. It seems to have deteriorated steadily since the tour of New Zealand, or maybe it's just me but it looks entirely hopeless. Apart from Watto there is one other batter usually chipping in -if you are lucky-, and then you have a partnership in the lower order, whether it's Paine, Smith, Johnson or whoever. But that can't have been it already?

I have heard the opinion "But India batted crap as well", hell, does it matter? They aren't playing the Ashes next up are they? Hussey is looking absolutely dreadful, he hasn't produced anything remarkable since last summer with the exception of Sydney, and that was when Kamran was apparently paid per Muss run, Clarke has joined him in the basement, North ah feck, and Kato has only just krabbed his way back into his game after a tiny little dent, and I think we might see more of him in the second match; but generally Oz have sunk so low that now they have to rely on Punter. I am deeply concerned imagining this desolate pile against the likes of Swann, Broad, and Anderson, and they haven't faced Finn yet either.

This is especially bitter for the bowlers who bowled their backsides off in these extremely tough conditions at Mohali. I am utterly delighted to see that Mitch has his game under control, confidence in the heart, and no infection in the elbow (he's hopefully smart enough not to reward himself with another tattoo before the Ashes) and Hilfy is just adorable full stop. Has always been, will always be. Absolutely fantastic to see him back in action, I hope he stays fit and steamrolls the English.

Bolly the Bollinger puffed and panted his way through his overs like a workhorse, took good wickets and injured his abdomen. We can now only hope that he'll be ok for the mother of all battles because on home soil he's the Grim Reaper. If he can't play the second Test I assume Klint will jump in for him and get some much needed Test practice, he'll make the odd appearances in Oz I guess, given the rather high likeliness of a pacer getting injured. Not sure if Siddle has played anything except T20 since his return from rehab.

Ritz has not looked particularly threatening so far, bowled some nice balls though and could have added quite some scalps to his tally had he not been let down by his teammates so much. But I attribute the lack of sharpness in the field to the heat, the graveyard atmosphere and general drainedness and dullness in the head. I think in the Ashes everybody will be alert like a squirrel with a nut! I still think it is NOT too late to drop North, draft Steven Smith in and see what happens. Batting-wise it can only get better, and he may be a bit more expensive but has always grabbed wickets.

Moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!! (c) AFP
Ah well. Yes this is the paragraph for the inevitable Laxman praise. Oh you good and great Vivious, who pulled off a Colly and batted with a back migraine from hell; so heroically and invincibly that you, following the nomen est omen principle, did not only annoy the shit out of every Oz fan, but even won the match for your buddies! Sure, half of the work was done by Suresh Raina, while you were standing there screaming your head off, but nevertheless this collaboration yielded the desired result, hats off lax man!

*goes washes mouth with soap*

Ishant Sharma! The only Indian player I will ever like, probably because he gets torn to shreds on every occasion, because he is a little fail bear, because his fellow countrymates despise him, and because he has great potential on his day. Oh yes and the hair ^^  Ishant played a funny parallel universe game with Mitch: was erratic as fork, produced an astronomically high number of no-balls, suddenly started to cut through the opposition at a crucial time and batted in the obligatorily slightly awkward manner like the lower order batting god, and thus provided 50% of the Indian victory.

*should on Indian request wash mouth with soap again but can't be bothered*

So... here's hoping and praying for better luck at Test No. 2. Another defeat seems not unlikely but is totally not needed at the moment.


3 October 2010

The Mitchician

India v Australia Test 1


Hark the herald Aussies sing, glory to the batting king!
(who obeys the mighty finger trap)
So Mitchell Johnson scored 47 in fours and sixes off a tired Ojha. He definitely needs to transfer the clockwork-like consistency, with which he produces exactly one useful innings every 12 months, onto his bowling. With the help of a couple of singular big scores against the Saffas and a handful of not-outs his average has climbed to 24 (that's below Swann's), which obviously makes him look like the next Sachin, if not Bradman, and it's probably this figure that leads Australia to the collective lustful sigh of "Mitchell Johnson is still to come", whenever the proper batsmen have left the building.

I am saying, stop heaping these amounts of  expectation on him. Take his runs as a gift. Don't get me wrong, Mitch at the crease is a rousing experience, a sight to behold, and in another life he would probably live his secret dream and get rich and famous as the most brutal unugly batsman of all time. But in this life he is supposed to take wickets, and thankfully he does! Felling Gambhir and Sehwag successively is more the sort of the mitchievements I expect to see, Oz needs his incarnation as a walking scalpel; the rest has to be done by those who get paid to bat. This does in no way diminish the gloat I feel about him humbling nearly the entire batting order except for Watto, Run-Out-Ricky, Hilfy and Timmy of course. But my North case is closed, been campaigning for more than half a year, just click the North tag below the post if you are interested. 

But now comes what the vast majority of you have been waiting for: Timmy Time! Due to some very desirable circumstances, i.e. Klutzo nursing his niggle at home, Tim Paine gets another invaluable opportunity to show off his skills at Test level, and boy is he making a fist of it. Haddin already felt compelled to assure that he would be back for the Ashes. It must be a horror vision for him to imagine that the little Tassie sunshine could drop his little sunshine butt onto the formerly undisputed Klutz throne.

All I can say is: go Timmy go go go! Most of Australia and Europe is behind you, heck, you even have honest supporters in Pomdoria! I also bet my own four letters that Haddin would have gone out cheaply like the rest of the upper middle order. Yeah perhaps Tim couldn't quite complete his century but who cares. He saved the Australian innings, without him Oz would have stared into the barrel of a gun. He also gave Mitch the safety to score freely. Ah man. It's cool. I'm so happy about every chance he gets, he needs that time in the middle on hostile ground, to ripen and to prepare himself for his ultimate and definite promotion to Oz keeper in all formats.

Yup.   (c) AFP