31 January 2010

Gaga Kiwis and the spirit of Azeem

Some of you will have watched the U19 final from the beginning to the end, and together with me you thus witnessed the most horrible display of New Zealandish taste of music one can think of. They had it all: "Iron Man", "Thunderstruck", "Radio Gaga", "Beat it", and of course...
... the inevitable "I come from Alandalanda" (© Markus Kavka), which we had to bear twice, since Australia won. I doubt that the responsibles wasted a single minute caring about the sanity of their guests.

To top this all off, the presentation ceremony was poorer than the one of the ICC Champions Trophy in South Africa last year, if you know what I mean, because the hosts did not even regard the winners worthy of the obligatory glitter storm. Let alone white jackets. Or anything indicating that this event was of greater importance than the Southwest German School Cricket Championship of 1982.

However, a sparkling little highlight was provided by the wonderful Azeem Ghumman, who expressed his thankfulness to the selectors for giving him such a great team to work with. Oh the irony. He was absolutely right, the players showed inspiring performances in all departments of the game; bowling, batting, fielding, fire and spirit, and the watcher started to wonder in which section of the journey from teen cricketter to national player all these virtues get lost.

But it also touches the question why Pakistan is known for their frequent selection of teen players. Are the national teams dependent on their young heroes? Do those get bogged down after a while and fresh meat is needed? The kids walked out boldly, rightfully convinced they could win the World Championship final against these brawny yellow forces. Do the older guys need this infusion of enthusiasm every now and then?

I'm hardly familiar with the history of Pakistani cricket, so let me know what you think about it.


Oh. My. God.

Last ODI blabla Australia blabla Pakistan bla.


Shaun Tait has been called up as a cover
Shaun Tait has been called up as a cover
Shaun Tait has been called up as a cover

Someone must have knocked some sense into Hilditch.
With a crowbar.

My heart is singing.
How many days till Cosgrove?

Massive sixfold Taitness feat. the catchy Pie Lord and a walking Krejza, 
a feast for bowling lovers, put this in your head:

Getting off the mark

Taking the first step in the world of blogging is much harder than releasing your feet from the crease. Nothing forces you to go, you can waste days, weeks, months just finding the perfect header colour or arranging gadgets. After several years, when all the things you wanted to write about lie way back in the past, you are sitting there finally trying to bosh some sort of introductory post out and it feels like giving birth to twins.

It's not the first time ever that I write about cricket, but you guys are now inside my house, sniffing in my drawers and chewing my books. Make yourself at home, take your time to click around, vote in the poll and leave me your comments, I hope you'll like it, because after all, this is for you. Many people say "I'm doing this for myself", but the question remains, why do you go public? ;)

Thanks to Sid, Purna and Maddy for talking me into believing that every mor-..., I mean, even a newb like me can have a cricket blog, as all you need is a bit of Bolly: know the basics, go out and hit the deck with love :D

Shush, Purna.

Wes :)